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Who I am?

I have been working on a trade license since 2002. I am a VAT payer. According to satisfied customers, I do precise work.

My orders include the realization of new buildings, carried out in cooperation with the company Envigest, s.r.o. from Nové Město na Moravě. As an example I can mention the construction of bowling at the pension Enpeka in Nové Město na Moravě and reconstruction of sanitary facilities in the rooms of the pension.

With Trimen Mont s.r.o. from Ždár nad Sázavou I realized a complete construction of a family house in Světnov, facade insulation in the district of Ždár nad Sázavou and construction of biogas plants.

For the company Iwa, spol. s r.o. I realized the reconstruction of bathrooms and sanitary units. When rebuilding the flat cores I always try to maintain access to the risers from the toilet with a removable wall for possible later interventions in the water and sewerage network, without the need for complicated intervention (e.g. demolition) of the rear wall. In the gallery you can see examples of realized orders.

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Contact me

Karel Potůček


IČ: 62838695
DIČ: CZ7412054782

Start of contract

Does it look similar to you? Need someone to fix it?


Although sometimes it does not look nice during the work, I try to reduce this time to the shortest possible time.

Completion of the contract

Upon completion of the work, the result must be consistent with your expectations.

Why choose me?

  • Bathroom reconstruction is carried out in all types of apartments and houses. Restoring and reconstructing according to the customer in classic and modern design.
  • I carry out the construction of a new sanitary unit and the reconstruction of bathrooms, even if the customer supplies their own material.
  • I also carry out reconstruction of ceilings, partitions and walls using plasterboard (SDK).
  • Reconstruction of the flat cores itself takes about 10 working days. It depends on the complexity of the project and what the customer wants.
  • Individual approach to meet your demanding requirements.
  • I guarantee that the price of the order will not be increased unless additional work is agreed in advance.

10 examples of how to identify a good tiler

  1. He / she should be able to create a design, build a laying plan and then read it.
  2. He should have a sense of plane, detail and aesthetics.
  3. He should master modern technological procedures in the field of tiling work.
  4. He / she should be able to select and recommend suitable building chemistry and know its use.
  5. It should not be applied on uneven, unprepared and contaminated surfaces.
  6. It should not be thrown into the tiles as soon as it comes to your bathroom, but first think through the process well, plan it, measure it and then start.
  7. Beware (!) Of tilers who start tiling from one corner and on the other corner just as it works, even 2 cm tape (I will not cut twice, save material and the like ...).
  8. A good tiler almost never has time to start working with you tomorrow after you called. It is best to agree well in advance even 2 months in advance. In winter this time is shorter.
  9. Interested in his references and his achievements in the industry. If he has a website on the Internet and shows his references there, it is a plus.
  10. It should not be thrown into the tiles as soon as it comes to your bathroom, but first think through the process well, plan it, measure it and then start.

And one good advice over gold!

The price should not be the decisive factor in choosing a tiler. If you spend tens of thousands on a new bathroom, then it makes no sense to save on the craftsman. Poorly glued tiles in the bathroom are probably the worst you can meet.